Amina Ibragimova

Россия, Москва
My name is Amina Ibragimova; I am PhD student working in laboratory “cell technology” in the Bakoulev Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery of the Russian of Academic Science.
I as a young scientist take part in different projects. I am also part of the  FOIRMYS initiative in one of their group project focusing on other aspects of aging research. So, first project “Mineralization of the connective tissue”. 
The First Open Institute for Regenerative Medicine for Young Scientists (FOIRMYS) is a non-profit volunteer initiative bringing together over a thousand enthusiast young scientists and physicians interested in regenerative medicine. It was first organized by Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD in collaboration with Sergey Yakovenko, PhD, Sergey Roumiantsev, PhD and Oleg Korzinov in Moscow with support from Anna Chapman.
I participated in the project “Formula BIO” and spent in half a year of their group project “Scaffold for Cells”. Our project directed for treatment burns, scars. Problem solving to be created biomaterial,  which regenerates tissues, organs.